For a Club

Appeal to clubs

The creators of the TopCat service attract your attention to the fact that this resource is not a felinologic system. As such our goals do not include keeping of Herd Books, including filling breeding backgrounds and issuance of certificates of origins (birth certificates).

Despite rumours existing in the felinologic society and spread by malicious personalities, TopCat is not going to perform such functions. The latter are and will remain the exclusive prerogative of clubs.

How can I add my club?

  1. Log in to the website
    (If you do not have your account on the TopCat website, please, see section “ How to register")
  2. Jump to section "Catalogues" - "Clubs" from the main menu
  3. Choose link "Register"
  4. Fill in the form on the displayed page. It is obligatory to fill in the fields marked by an asterisk.
  5. An “Application for approval of a club" will be created in your “Personal account" on tab “User requests". You can monitor your application status.

I have found my club's account, how can I get access to it?

To do this, please, contact TopCat Support.

How can I add pets to a club's account?

In order to do this, please, choose the relevant club in the corresponding field on the page for editinginformation about the pet.


approved pets are displayed on the club's page.